Since a month or so, the community has been offline for technical reasons. The bad news is, it won't get back online.

The reason I made this decision is because of the time it will take to get it back online the way it was before, and with the decreasing number of admins on the supported games and my own lack of interest for the latest Call of Duty games, I see no reason for myself to continue this project.
Besides that, continuing the project for future Windows operating systems would result in having to start all over again.

For me this feels like the right time to say goodbye to this project which i've been working on for about 8 years.
I hope you all enjoyed (or maybe still enjoy) using CoD RT as much as I did on developing it!!!

BUT, for them who are interested, i'm releasing a final version including bugfixes, new looks and new features.

Download links are back up!

Download version 13 here (33399)

Start the setup by running it as administrator: rightclick the file and "Run as Administrator"
To be sure everything works fine when running the application right click the executable or shortcut on the desktop, go to "Compatibility" and check "Run as Administrator".

If you are experiencing any problems what so ever, please contact me on support (at) cod-rcontool (dot) com

Greetings, tKd

Looking for older versions?:
Download version 12 BETA 2 here (106708)
Download version 11.3.1 here (216683)